Dying Dreams

Everyone says, ‘Follow Your Dreams’. But do they really mean it? Are we really free to choose our dreams and follow them? Is it that easy to? Because from what we have seen and faced at every step that you take, you are criticized and pressurized so much that you ultimately give up and do what they tell you to do. You want to make it big but you go back to being normal. You take up the course that they ask you to study rather than the one you wished to study. And there is an interesting statement they use to persuade you, ‘finish your studies and then do whatever that is you wish to do’. But this is the biggest trap you will fall into. You may think of completing your studies in the field of their choice and then go for your dreams because then you will have your whole life to follow your dreams.

You are wrong my friend! There will never come a time when you will have your whole life to do what you wish to do. You will end up finishing the course and then they will pressurize you to earn back what they spent on you. You will yourself want to earn the big bucks because you have come to that age where in you want to be independent.  Since you are independent now, you should take up responsibilities and tie the big knot and so you will fall in love and have babies and be burdened with all sorts of responsibilities. And this is where you lose your confidence and give up on the ‘larger than life’ dream little by little until its gone and completely replaced by a typical dream of a 9 to 5 well paying job.

Not everyone of you is Rancho, versatile, intelligent and above all bold enough to follow his dreams but everyone of you can be Farhan, strong and courageous. You can step up to your elders and inform them about your dream and tell them that you wish to do something other than what they are suggesting. Tell them that you wish to make it big and live larger than life. Tell them that your goals are similar to the ones they have framed for you but the path is different. Give them the full proof plan that you have outlined and ask them to have faith because they have raised an amazing person.

Live up to your dreams, do what you like, prove their prejudices wrong and I guarantee that it will make them more proud to see you excel and happy. More than that it is going to make you happy and successful. So as they say it, ‘Follow Your Dreams’.


15 thoughts on “Dying Dreams

  1. Pranav Thaker says:

    Every city roads have hurdles (speed breaker). But subject to emergency every driver find their way to reach destination.
    Very nice write-up to understand life

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