Prickly Past

Once in every person’s life there comes an individual who mistreats us, exploits us and breaks us so bad that it becomes very difficult to stand up again. They can be disguised as a friend, a lover, as a parent, a siblings or as in-laws. She or he enters your life like an uninvited stranger and somehow becomes your world. You love them deeply. You live every moment for them. And you give your everything to them. Your feelings for them are so deep that all your actions are directly or indirectly connected to their being. You support them through their thick and thin and sacrifice your dreams and desires because of their grudges and tantrums. You are so blinded by the love for them that you don’t realize that you are adjusting and altering your attitude and behavior to their wishes. You give your 100 percent in the relationship even after knowing and overlooking their flaws.

And that is when they start taking you for granted. Your choices do not matter to them. Your words are unheard and you are used and abused over and over again. You are blamed for things that you would never do to anyone. This is when they start hurting you, disrespecting you and making your life a living hell. And It becomes difficult for you to breath. You start falling as they pull you down with their banter and accusations. Yet you don’t let them go because now you fear the loneliness. In doing things for them you forgot to maintain relation with others and now the fear of not finding love in some other place creeps in. So you hold on to them so tightly that it becomes painful that it cuts into your soul and makes you bleed. And still you don’t let go thinking that you are sacrificing for the love you feel for them and that someday they will realize and understand you.

But what you don’t realize is that you have been broken. Your heart has been shattered into pieces and you have no strength to hold on. You realize that you have lost everything to someone who has no value of it. That is when you let go. You let go off the parasite of a person who sucked all the life out of you. And all your fears come true. You are alone and broken in the pit you fell. You know you lost everything you held dear and so you keep lying at the end of the pit with no desire to wake up and face the world. You fear that you will go through the same pain again. You curse that person for dragging you down so low. You hate them and have venom filled thoughts for them.

My friend, think of these people as angels. Angels who have come in your life to teach you certain important life lessons. They may have destroyed you and misled you but that made you strong. The pain that they gave you taught you endurance. It is because of these people that you value your relationships now. It is because of these people you know when to let go and when to hold on. These are the individuals that teach you what life is. These are the people that mould you into what you are today. They are the ones because of whom you can now face any unwelcomed situation with confidence. So let us Thank them and move on with the lessons we learnt through them.


28 thoughts on “Prickly Past

  1. ravinder mehmi says:

    Excellently written piece…u hv put on paper everyone’s inner voice…great writing acumen….written frm core of the heart…keep writing…I cn see great future ahead…all the best…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Parth Desai says:

    Happy that yoy have started your hobby again and adapting to technology 🤘..

    Sky’s the limit ! Go aheaf achieve what you deserve !!!!

    All the best !

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pranav Thaker says:

    Very good. Very heart touching. Excellent topic & expressed it well. Time to time everyone has to pass through life exam and make a way to come out from. And that you mentioned “you can now face any unwelcomed situation with confidence”.
    I must say keep writing continue.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. creativevision2205 says:

    Beautifully written and expressed in simple subtle language. Good to know you’re back to writing and since the first time you showed me your writings in college to the post I read today, you’re growing every time. Congratulations for the blog and all the best for further posts. Keep writing more and more!

    Liked by 1 person

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