Tales of Time

410958It is profusely said that Time heals everything. Hit by a rock, give it time it will heal; Wounded by something, give it time, it will surely heal and If life hits you like a rock and wounds you, give it time, it will heal. All things will heal over the time.

But that is it! Time will only heal the wounds. It won’t remove the scars. These scars are here to stay with you until the end. They are the door to those feelings that you so perfectly hide from the world. Those feelings that have been locked up and the keys to which have been thrown in the past. Time helps you forget that these scars exist. It leads you into believing that you have healed from the betrayals completely by layering the scars with the new memories you have made since then.

On contrary, if the truth is to be told, one fine day you will stumble upon a picture or a name or a situation that will bring back all those things that you had so neatly hidden in your core. You will be flooded with all the memories and it will feel like it was just yesterday that all of these things happened. It will open all the gates to the past and your emotions will be all over the place. You will feel the pain u felt then, you feel the tears you cried then, you will feel the numbness you felt then. And all of it won’t stop because your mind will wander in the abysses of past and pick out every memory that will make you feel vulnerable and weak.

So let me tell you this, time is not the only factor in healing but you are too. All you have to do is accept the scars gracefully. Accepting it gives you strength over it and it will never make you feel vulnerable. Use the time to pick yourself up from the rumble of thoughts. Use the time to boost your confidence so you never feel ashamed of the scars. Use the time to counsel yourself. And take help of the time in making memories that can heal you into a stronger, more confident and less vulnerable being.

Give time, not to your wounds but to yourself and see how it heals everything.


17 thoughts on “Tales of Time

  1. Saurabh singh says:

    So let me tell you this…. One day you’ll become an author competing in the big leagues…. So keep being an awesome writer….. The success is waiting for you

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