Actions speak Louder…

Everything that you do or don’t do for someone leaves an impact on people. You may do something for them or you may do something to them. It may be good or bad. It may be lifesaving or heart shattering. And it may be as small as an advice or as huge as a blessing. But that act remains with them until they die. It also, to some extent changes the way they perceive the world. The impact is so great that alters their thinking pattern and also brings about a change in their ideologies.

Your actions not only affect you or the one for whom they were intended but also that someone who witnessed it. Neither of you may know each other but he saw it and it affects him in some ways.

When you see a hungry child watching you eat, you give him money or you pay for his meal, this affects you and the hungry child and also those who saw this exchange happen. The hungry child will be thankful to you, will remember you because you helped him in his time of need. His hopes and faith in humanity will be restored. You, on the other hand, will be happy with yourself for the good act. You will be content and feel strangely peaceful. The set of eyes that saw the exchange were also affected with it. Amongst them another beggar who saw you will come begging for food and which will lead you to think that you shouldn’t have helped. On the other hand if some passer-by saw you, he would also think of helping the needy, and he would smile and feel proud about his city mates.

Notice how easily a small gesture brought out 2 powerful emotions. Happiness and Regret. It also gave way to hope and disappointment on the part of the beggar. Your act also drove others to do the same and bring the wave of selflessness. You might not help a hungry child again because of the fear of preying beggars. But there will be others who will go out of their way to help the needy.  While the other beggar will curse you because he will be jealous of that child.

See how one small act of giving food brought forth so many different emotions and led to so many consequences.

Similarly, when you hurt someone emotionally or physically, they may recover from it but they won’t forget it and will always be cautious even with those who truly care for them. On contrary, if you help someone in need, they will never lose hope and always pray for others wellbeing.

So think twice before you do something. You may think no one saw it, but someone somewhere saw it. And it might stay with them forever.


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