Power of Women


You might have seen many articles talking about the empowerment of women, equality for women and the likes. But this blog isn’t about that. It talks about the power within a woman. The power bestowed over her by the nature. The power of giving birth and raising a child. You always hear people say, ‘mumy ne nahi sikhaya?’(Didn’t your mother teach you?). We never hear such statements for fathers. Why? Because it’s the mother who teaches her children to behave in a certain way. It is the mother who inculcates values in children. Even in the animal kingdom, the mother teaches her off-springs to feed, hunt and save themselves from danger. The babies observe their mommys and learn the tactics.

To all the women out there, you are or will be responsible to raise a child. You have the power of moulding someone’s life. You can decide their destiny by shaping them into a ‘Messiah’ or a ‘Fiend’. An English course book had a story of a poor mother who didn’t scold her son for his illicit actions. And one day her son cut her right ear and she went to the police for help. The police inspector said, ‘it’s a consequence of your action’. Had the mother scolded her son, punished him for the wrong doings as a child and told him to behave himself, today she wouldn’t have faced such a consequence. The son always thought his actions were legit because no one stopped him or corrected him. This is what happens when you discriminate amongst your son and daughter, they learn the same things and that will lead to inequality, inequity and bigotry.

Bringing up the next generation, not one person but the whole generation is in the hands of the mothers. They can be the assets to the country or liabilities of the family. Why do you think the protests of discrimination against women started a decade ago and not a century ago? Women realised they were becoming the victims of the actions of their mothers and hence raised their children to change these things. Not only did it empower the women community but also taught the males that it was okay to take the backseat.

A mother is the one who develops the confidence in the child to be the prime minister of a country or remain a chaiwala(tea seller). She shows us the direction by encouraging or discouraging our actions. The qualities and skills and traits that were encouraged in our childhood are our strengths and our actions revolve around these traits.

Thus, a woman is the one that can give us peace loving people or war inflicting people. She can give us people who empathize with others and help them or people who derive pleasure from others misfortune. Hence we can safely say, The power is and always was in the hands of women.


8 thoughts on “Power of Women

  1. Veena Thaker says:

    Yeah! Its the Mother who nurtures the child and instills values and character in him.

    I agree with your thoughts and that is why I think personofication of shakti is Nari in any role.

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  2. Pranav Thaker says:

    Absolutely true. A child of any corner of the world is following action of her mother. And in case of any “?”, he/she always reach to her/his mother first.

    And that truth was mentioned by you too in first line of 2nd last paragraph.

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