Letter to Parents.

Dear Parents,
In my few years of maturity I have come across letters addressed to a daughter or letters addressed to a granddaughter basically letters addressed to children but never a letter addressed to parents. So I decided to write a letter to you, dear parents. Do not worry, I don’t come bearing complaints or compliments for that matter.

You, Parents are an amazing mix of unusually common characters. You are the only ones to possess the enigmatic trait of unconditional love for your child as well as the dreaded anger that makes us cringe even without you uttering a word. And you are still the best pair of people for us in this enormous world. There are so many incidences that I can conjure from the abyss of my memory that can become the examples of tifts between us.

The first and foremost are those arguments about the trust and the faith you (don’t) have on us. There have been times when you restrained us from taking a certain step by stating the dangers, disadvantages and drawbacks related to it. But like the curious creatures we are, we pay no heed to your warnings and take the desired step. If we succeed, you will be the proudest. But if we fail, don’t go about saying “we said so”. We know you warned us. We know you were right. But you also went against your parents and that is how you know that it was the wrong step. 

Another most common situation that almost happens in every household is the discussion related to excursions with peers. Every year I asked you to allow me to go for these short trips with friends. You denied the whole idea of it. No doubt you take us on the most amazing vacation trips but there is different sense of excitement when we are traveling with friends. It is not only about the fun of it but also about having fun within the budgeted limit, cutting costs and giving up desires so we can fill our hungry tummies that you would so fondly fill with platters of food. We will not be able to endure such hardships and learn from them when we travel with you because one sound of our growling stomachs and one expression of our desires and we will have it all. There is no limit to your generosity my dear parents. And we love you for that.

The last incidence is the one about confessions. Confessions of having a crush or a lover or an ongoing relationship. It brings forth emotions that you are unable to react properly. Firstly, its the shock and the realization that your tiny toads have grown so much that they are now dreaming of having a partner. Secondly, you become insecure about your position in their life. And lastly there is the society that bothers you the most. All those gossips and news of a girl eloping with her boyfriend or a lover killing your precious child creeps in and gnaws at you. But dear parents, we are the product of your upbringing. You have managed to do the most tedious task of raising a child right and succeeded. Rest assured. Your child will not act in a way that defames you or your integrity. The fact that they are confessing shows that they care about your opinions. And you should also give them the benefit of doubt. 

Mom and Dad, I cannot fathom the struggles you went through to raise us little beasts. But we are the product of your strengths and sacrifices. Have confidence in us and watch us tackle the world. Do not stand in front of us as a protective layer. Stand behind us to catch us when we fall. Give us a chance to make mistakes so we can learn better. Give us a chance to shine so we can make you proud. Give us your blessings so we can fight the world. Give us what you wanted when you were of our age. Support your creation so you can be proud of it.

Thank you for such a wonderful life.

Yours proudly,

Daughters and Son.


3 thoughts on “Letter to Parents.

  1. Pranav Thaker says:

    As a parent, below is my view:
    The thought of freedom is good. You should have freedom to do mistakes. But some times all have pay lots for such mistake.
    To stop you in your demand or freedom or dream is to warn you (off course without any reason) to control your emotions.
    As a father of writer, below is my point:
    I forced you to fight with MSU BBA management while they refuse for admission. And you did it.

    This is extremely good thoughts. I appreciate your all points you mentioned.
    My best wishes for your success.

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