Why is it so Hard…?

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Why is it so hard…?

We find ourselves asking this question so many times. Why is it “so hard” to please people? Why is it “so hard” to cook? Why is it “so hard’ to do this? Why is something “so hard”? Why is it “so hard” to not ask this question? We have been asking this question whenever we come across something difficult. It has become a reflex of sorts. Why is it so hard? Let me tell you why.

Here is a little secret. Nothing is ever “so hard”. It’s a prejudice of our brain. Everything is easy and accessible in the actual-virtual world. Its only inaccessible and difficult in your mind. You are hungry, go and cook for yourself or go order it out. As simple as that. But when you start worrying about the consequences that is where it starts to become difficult. Our minds have a funny way of re-thinking and then over-thinking to that extent that we develop negativity. So much so that we give it up. Our palace of illusions builds a block which makes it seem so hard to accomplish.

There can only be two reasons for this thought process. One, we might not be interested and invested enough. You may not like cooking at all. Or you may be like me. I like cooking but I am not invested enough to know everything about it. Secondly, we have prejudiced judgements. Some of us have pre-conceptions related to cooking. Like one of my friends believes that cooking is a messy job and can only be done when you have no other work to do.

These are the only reasons that things don’t happen to us easily. You may have observed, in school, we scored well in those subjects that were easy or I would say we scored well in those subjects that we liked to study. But we never scored well in subjects that we didn’t like or that people said were tough. Now, a mind that has inclination towards literature or social sciences will score well in English and History but not in Maths and Science. Those he will find hard to study. On contrary the mind that is inclined to scientific facts and theories or towards numbers will score well in maths and science subjects but he may find literary subjects hard. This is what happens with us while dealing with various things in life. May it be emotions, thoughts or people.

There is one way to overcome this train of thoughts. If something seems to be difficult do not let your mind ponder on it more. Instead you can gather information related to it. Compile as much information as possible and be thorough with it. This will help you build confidence and give you a direction to do the task. It will also replace the misconceptions that you carried for so many years.

One small step of gathering information will make the whole situation easy and doable. You will then see that you can do most of the tasks without a fuss and you will now complaint less and appreciate more.


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