Good, Bad and Ugly.


The life that we live in is full of so many things. It’s a mixture of everything at once and a pool of nothings at all. But it is never the same things again. You can have a mundane lifestyle but not a mundane life. No one can. In the masquerade of routines, you come across days that are hard to get through. Days that are the happiest. Days that can topple you down. And days that can turn over a new leaf. This is life. A cycle of good, bad and ugly days.

We get up every morning expecting it to be same, living it in the same manner repeatedly. But is it really the same every day? Sure, you brush your teeth and bathe yourself and follow an impeccable routine. But these are merely habits that you have developed around your lifestyle. Go inhabit a jungle and you won’t be bothered about brushing and bathing much less about your routine.

It’s not the routine that decides your course of life but it is the way you perceive things in which life comes to you. Or more precisely comes back at you. Like the two women in the book ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ written by Khaled Housseni – Mariam and Laila. When she was a child, Mariam’s mother told her that they were an outcast fated to endure pain throughout their lives. And so she endured pain throughout her life and died as a prisoner. On the other hand, Laila’s father filled her with hope. With knowledge and ambitions. And that lead to her making escape plans from her terrible situations. She kept hoping for a better future. And that is what she got. A happy ending.

This is how life is. It brings to you what you Think is in store for you. It is good to you when you are perceiving good things. Ever observed why it never gets difficult around festivals? That is because you are so excited about the holidays. You are happy for the relaxation and rejoicing that will come with it. Your positivity is undeterred and thus life seems good. Life is bad when you are sad. It becomes hard to get through the phase as nothing seems to go as per you. Everything is out of control. And life turns ugly when you are broken and depressed. You lose a person or severe old relations and that’s when life hits you the hardest.

But life gets better when You are determined to make it better. When we have hit the rock bottom we decide to stand up. We decide that it is time that something good happened to us. And that’s when are determined to get up to stop the charade of ugliness. This is when life becomes better and goes on to being best.

Thus, it is upon you to decide what you want from life. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. Or The Best.


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