New Year


Since decades and more people have been celebrating the coming of new years with fun, frolic and food. Not only does the Calendar Year follow it but there have been different days set out by cultural groups marking them as the start of their community’s new year. And all these days are celebrated with similar fervour.

Ever wondered why is there so much excitement and zest around the new years? It’s not like the new year brings to you anything new except maybe cloths. You will be the same old self that too a year older now. You will eat the same food and Drink the same wine and surround yourself with same set of people. Then why such zealous celebrations for merely a start of the ordinary year that it is going to be.

Talking like this angers and upsets you. Doesn’t it? Well let me tell you why. We are people of hope and faith. Our world survives on hope of a bright future and faith in the almighty or the supreme one. We might not have had a happening year but we hope to have a happy year. We might have had the toughest year that got to our nerves in a way that almost forced us to give it all up. Some of your people left and none of your dreams were achieved. Some of you barely made it through. But all of you are here, standing, heads held high and eyes sparkling, filled with hope that the coming year will reward your struggles. You are ambitious and plan to achieve your dreams. and you are expectant of the year to be one that gives you all that you deserve and desire.

That is what it is. Hope and Faith. In the year ahead. A year of happiness and prosperity. A year full of good things and positivity. A year of resolutions. A year to make us a better human being. A year of achievements. A year where we will be wiser than we were. Where we will have learnt from the past mistakes to make better decisions. A year of hope in the future and faith in ourselves.

We celebrate the new year to acknowledge the past year and to welcome a better future year. We rejoice in the memories of the past year and wish to have better ones in the future. We celebrate our achievements and make a toast for achieving the other goals. We celebrate to mark the start of something that is ordinary but special.

It’s not only a day full of meaningless celebrations. It’s a day of appraising your past and planning your future. It’s a day of enjoying one last time the year that went by and welcoming the coming year with smiles. It’s a day filled with positivity and energy.

It’s a day when we say, “Bring it on! I am ready.”

A Day of the year that is new with the energy that is renewed.

Happy New Year Everyone. May you have a memorable one.


12 thoughts on “New Year

  1. nesi6669 says:

    This is the spirit we should have during the toughest times. Struggle can only be overcome by strength and this positivity gives a powerful boost to it. 😇 And you have conveyed it beautifully by your words, again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pranav Thaker says:

    Yes everyone is thinking that the coming year will give me good enough.
    Good thoughts about new Year celebration (time is not mater), only and only enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

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