New Beginnings…


All new things are excitingly scary. May it be the first day at school or the first step towards your dreams. It always leaves you feeling excited and scared at the same time. Your mind becomes a web of confused thoughts and mixed feelings. You become a mess. But all of this comes to a wonderful end as a new beginning.

Every one of us has a set routine. They say it only takes 66 days to make something a habit and involve it in your routine. Seldom we fall out of our routine. In fact, its imbibed in us so deep that any change in our daily schedule is irksome. So much so that we willingly do not wish to change our lives even for the betterment of us. You accept the here and now as it is and try to freeze it by making it a daily job.

But change is the only permanent thing. It is bound to happen. And like our fore fathers we learn to evolve with time. The universe waves its magical wand and makes things happen such that you suddenly think of altering the course of your life. The routine itself becomes vexatious and you wish to come out of it. That is when you look for something new. A bend in the road, a fork in the path or just a jump start the stalled life.

Before any of it can change and before you set up a new routine, you are bombarded with so many emotions. You feel excited and happy. You are full of energy and you are unable to stay put and wait for the change. But along with these feelings there is anxiety and insecurity. There is fear of unknown and lack of desire to let go the known. Both of these feelings are required when you are adapting to the change. The excitement and energy gives your adrenaline a rush. It gives you the courage to take the step and move ahead into the unknown. While the anxiety and insecurity holds your wild horses, thus, keeping you in check and making you aware and alert of the unknown.

A new beginning feels like a clear day after the storm has passed. The mixed emotions being the storm leave you in a confused state. They mess with your head and almost make you give up the prospect of a new day. But when you cross over and come out of the whirlwind that your life had become, you are more than thankful for it. And you will gladly do it all over again the next time only to see what lies at the other end of the new beginning.

Cheers to the New Beginnings.


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