Letter to Board Students.

Dear Students,

The Board Examinations are fast approaching, merely few days from now. The whole commotion of these exams is too much to handle. Believe me when I say that it’s a circus. You being the performing animal, your parents and teachers, the ring master and the relatives and the society are the audience laughing at you. And all of us have been there, done that and come out of it as wiser human beings (maybe, maybe not). But we sure have learnt something from this ruckus.

First of all, let me tell you this, your parents and teachers aren’t wrong in worrying about you. They have seen the way world works and that’s why they become anxious and insecure. So forgive them if they put pressure on you because they do not want to see you fail.

Moving on, the most important message I would want to give you is, Do Not Take Your Board Examinations Lightly. These exams are the first step towards your growth and success. They will become the foundation of your career. For any field, you choose to study in, your 10th marks and your 12th marks will always follow you in your endeavours. These marksheets are an entrance ticket to all the schools, colleges as well as jobs. And most of all these marks are responsible for getting you in the good books of those in charge. Thus, the result of your board exams is in a way the backbone of your career.

A reality check. These exams aren’t going to be easy. You work hard right now to work less in the future. I know everyone has only this advice for you and it’s the one you should follow too. That doesn’t mean you put yourself under pressure and lose it all at ones. Climbing with weights heavier than your capacity will only make things go downhill. You do not need to focus on the future right now because it’s too far ahead and not even fixed. If you worry about it right now, you won’t be able to concentrate on the current important thing, the boards.

The ideal thing to do would be, to do one thing at a time. Focus on here and now. The first step is the important step while the other steps will fall in place after you take the first step properly. Concentrate on your boards and focus on getting a good result, because that is what matters right now. Because that is what is needed to gain admission into the next level on the ladder of education.

To achieve this, all you need to do is have a good combination of study time and relaxing time along with good relaxing resources like a comedy series, a parody of films, cartoons, light reading, sports and anything else that can relax your mind. Because a relaxed mind is more capable of acquiring and retaining information.

And to get rid of parental pressure, communicate with them. Tell them about your course and syllabus. Show them the chapters. Talk to them about the syllabus that you have already finished studying. Tell them the amount of syllabus left to be done. Show them the timetable you have made and follow it judiciously. Do not give them a chance to get anxious and angry. This will gain their support and add an extra value in your efforts of conquering the board exams.

Lastly, I would want to wish you Best of Luck and say that you can do well because that is what you wish. And our wishes are the easiest to fulfil then someone else’s wish.

All The Best!

Yours Truly,

Ex-student of Boards and Other such exams.


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