Women?! Respect?! Discrimination?! Let’s Talk.

There has been a wave of feminism in the recent past. But this poster rallying and social media uproar about advocating equality for women’s right has taken a nasty turn towards feminazism. 
Discrimination agaisnt women is still evident in every field. Whether it be school/colleges or workplace or household fronts. Women are dsicriminated in subtle ways. In ways which cannot be punished. Let me give you an example, a few days ago, my parents and I went to enquire about a piece of furniture and my mother started the discussion as she had a specific design in mind. We all listened. But when it came to the shopkeeper to speak, he only spoke to my father. Not once did he glance towards my mother or me. Whenever we asked a question to him, he would answer it only by looking at my father. 

You might say, taking his side, that he might have been a shy person. But his body language and tone said it otherwise. And I wouldn’t mistake him to be a Brahamachari (sworn bachelor) by the way he oogled at my mother and me when we entered the shop. 

I have so many such incidents that I can tell you about and many more incidents will come to light if you ask the many females about it. So many times females have been put aside by their male counterparts so subtly that it becomes difficult to point a finger and blame them.

No doubt there is an improvement in the treatment of women after the Movement of feminism and people have started respecting women and their right to have rights and equality. There are now laws protecting these rights and ensuring equality. And it has led to a major change in the composition of workforce and a role of women at home. But it isn’t completely successful in its cause. Thats where the subtle treatments of discrimination comes in. 

And somewhere down the line, such subtle behaviors may have turned staunch feminists and certain other “ladies” into faminazist. These other “ladies” hate men in general and would beat up an innocent for accidently looking at them. This thing can be so dangerous to the cause of feminism that all the efforts and success can topple down at once if such narcissistic behavior prevails in the society. 

When i write this, i feel proud that most of the people of my generation understand the difference between feminism, feminazism, misandry, etc or in simple words they know how to respect and treat a woman properly without hating or demeaning a man. But there are some “ladies” who hate men. Who have a foul mouth and would fuel the fire of feminazism. I would suggest that such people should either be boycotted for a while or be given a good thrashing of words by all of us. And the females should be the first ones to stop them. To protect their innocent male companions. Why? You may ask. Let me tell you this. When you protect an innocent, he is sure to respect you for life and stand by you in your hour of need. And this is true for every human being. 

So, when the shopkeeper doesnt give you equal attention, protected males will stand up to them in a subtle way and remind them to respect you females. 

This is a vicious circle of respecting and not respecting particular gender at a given time. It can only be broken by intervention of a third party. The third party here are us, who respect everyone and treat everyone equally. Neither do we hate women nor men. We are humanitarians and follow humanity. And we can change the world for good.

So males, always respect your female and see her standing up for you against the “ladies”. And all females, protect your males, and see them standing by you agaisnt discriminating males.


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