You ARE Beautiful…

Lately, there have been so many posts and advertisements against body shaming. Many of these talk about loving ourselves and being confident of our body and feeling beautiful with or without makeup. All of us know these advertisments are there to increase the morale of people so they can feel good about themselves. 
Since decades we have picture perfect magazine covers and posters; We have ads that talk about having a perfect body, a fair skin and long strainght hair; And we have Models to portray all of these things. This is not only true for the ladies but men also have fallen prey to these posts. All around, people are running, running towards attaining that perfect body, those straight silky black hair and a skin that is more white than the moon. Specially teenagers and adolescents who have hit puberty.

I had a friend who had nice bunch of jet black curls over his head. It made him look like Adam Lamberg or as we all know ‘Gordo’, the cute bestfriend in the teen show ‘Lizzie Mcguire’ that aired on Disney Channel in 2001. But alot of people teased him for his hair calling them ‘bowl of noodles’ and ‘black maggie’. Frustrated with these comments, one day he went and shaved off his head. And when his hair grew back in the same manner, he got them straightened with a middle parting. It looked hideous. Today after 3 years i accidently came across his facebook profile and saw that he has the curly mob back on and was wearing really cool sunglasses. It made him look like the cute handsome guy from those chickflick movies.

I also have tried to do certain such things in my teen years. I got my long waves strainghtened just to fit in the crowd. And I wanted to lose my curves so i could be thin as stick. And today in her teens, My sister is all of these things – perfect body, straight black hair but a little on the darker side of the skin tone. She looks really beautiful with her small but sharp features. And she has an amazing figure. But she isn’t satisfied with it. Guess why?! Because her girlfriends are stick thin and fairer, and she wants that for herself too. 

All of us have at some point tried to look like the model on the cover page or on the billboards. And wanted all the accepted body standards true for ourselves. But we forget that these models are anorexic. Though they might look really pretty, hot, sexy and beautiful. But that’s because they are being their natural self. When we start being our natural self, we shall also look as good as them. 

When my friend accepted that his curls are what sets him apart from the crowd, he grew them with care and now shows them off with confidence while looking like a character of a movie. When i realised my curves and my wavy hair are what made me look good, i started accentuating them and now i walk with an air of confidence as i receive the complements for my waves and curves. 

That is what is going to happen to you to. You are made a certain way for a reason. Accept it, Grace it and you will gain the confidence for it. Because only with confidence can you look beautiful. Without confidence even the models are under-rated.

So you lovely people out there, accept yourself, be confident about it and look beautiful in your own skin because that’s what sets you apart from others.

You Are Beautiful, but only if you are Confident. 


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