Suicides aren’t cool!

In recent times, there have been so many and believe me when i say, so many, incidents of suicides. And the quantum of it is more amongst the teenagers and the youth. The age old saying, ‘Fall in Love’  has changed. Now, young people fall to their deaths instead of falling in love. 
A few days ago, i read about a Mumbai boy, aged 23, who committed suicide after posting it on his social media account. The picture he uploaded before jumping off was the one where he was smiling and flashing all his whites. Anyone who might have seen the picture wouldn’t have, even remotely, been able to guess that he killed himself because he was suffering from depression.

Depression has become a serious ailment. It has struck like a pandemic.

I understand that depression has become a serious ailment. It has struck us like the infamous plague. It has hit every household and almost all individuals at some level. Every aspect of life is making people depressed and unhappy. There is nothing that can bring satisfaction to people of today. Why is such the case? Why has depression become a pandemic in such a short span of time? Why is it claiming so many lives even in a modern world like ours? 

I do not know the right answers to these questions but i know one thing and that is we have come a long way from the many evils and ostracities of life. People, at some point in history, were savages and slaves. They were opressed and discriminated. They were ruled over and killed for wealth. But they did not kill themselves, instead they fought against these things and for freedom. They took back what was theirs and lived long enough to see their grandchildren happy and free.

Earlier, our society was the one where women and poor men weren’t given any rights. And yet they managed to love without killing themselves and fought for their rights. Our great grandfather’s became freedom fighters. Our great grandmother’s raised a whole generation by themselves. 

Our grandparents faced so many social evils and yet they were or are still alive. Our parents too faced social evils like racism, discrimination, partiality, etc. and yet they are alive and have not given up on life. Then how come you aren’t able to do the same. 

You are a lucky generation. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds. You are the empowering youth. So many of us are fighting agaisnt these evils and changing the Ideologies. We are empowering women in every aspect, awaring people agaisnt body shaming, empowering the poor, going against discrimination, and coming together to fight all of these things and yet we fail to fight depression. 

On one side of the map, I see a Forty year old victim of acid attack fighting and giving it back to life. And on the other side, I see a youth murdering himself because he cannot handle the pressure of studies or the pressure of parents or some other such thing. 

Who do you blame for this? Not the parents obviously. Because they are a very strong souls who have coped with life and have taught us the same. Not friends, because they have been on our side from the start. Teachers? School? Education system? No! Because they are making the courses easier day by day. The only one to be blamed is you. You having become obsessed. Obsessed about being liked. You have made standards that are impossible to achieve. You want someone else’s way of life without making yours better. Better life, higher goals, photogenic face, zero figure and a fair face aren’t your dreams anymore. They are an obsession of having a status and being accepted by all. And this obsession is killing you. 

Remember your life is precious to you, your parents and your friends. Because your one fall will change everything in their life. If you are struggling or falling back in life, start talking. Talk to parens, friends, teachers or anyone you can talk to. Talking is the best medicine for depression. And suicides aren’t cool.

Talking is the best medicine for depression. 


7 thoughts on “Suicides aren’t cool!

  1. The Writing Waifu says:

    “…and yet they are alive and have not given up on life. Then how come you arenโ€™t able to do the same. []You are a lucky generation. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds. You are the empowering youth. So many of us are fighting agaisnt these evils and changing the Ideologies.”

    I know you mean well, but this does not help. Generally, people with depression/anxiety who are at risk are highly aware of their privilege and feel guilty for not taking advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. They know that they Should be happy, but they aren’t, and telling them again that they should be happy just reinforces their belief that something is fundamentally wrong with them for feeling the way they do.

    Instead of encouraging positive thinking, all this does is trivialize the suffering of at-risk youth. Further, if you tell a depressed person it is their own fault that they are depressed, then they may feel even more ashamed of their feelings and not seek help. That is why suicides generally come as a shock – people feel like they should be able to cope on their own and won’t tell anyone how they really feel. This also completely ignores the big role that genetics has in depression.


    • seedingthoughts says:

      I think you prove a point. But i also believe that we as individuals are only ones to make ourselves stronger. I do not want to make those depressed more depressed, then my article will lose it’s purpose. But what you thinks becomes what u feel and what u do. That’s why i talk about fighting the depression on ur own because noone will understand you.


      • The Writing Waifu says:

        No worries, I knew what you were getting at. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, I still take issue with what you said here as well. Yes, do try to deal with it when you’re alone, but “no one will understand you” is crap. People with depression are not aliens.


      • seedingthoughts says:

        That’s reality my friend, people won’t really understand your problem. They will give you coping mechanisms as per their kniwledge and experience. Even the professional helps would not entirely be able to help if you donot help yourselves. I am not aware of other countries, but here, in India not many take mental illness as a seriois issue. We have awareness but not enough to help people come out of it. And so when i say people won’t understand, i refer to those who are ignorant or pretend to be ignorant so as to stay away from the ‘mental person’.


      • The Writing Waifu says:

        Yes, there is a stigma surrounding mental health in many countries and a lot of people won’t understand. “No one will understand” is still overly defeatist. Especially online, there are many large, supportive mental health communities. I’ve also noticed that more and more people are opening up publicly about their struggles – I see it all the time on Facebook.

        However, regardless of the opinion of society at large, those closest to you will likely be supportive and try to help you get back on your feet if they know you are having a rough time (in healthy relationships, anyway).

        I just find it rather off-putting that at the end of your post you were saying the best thing you can do is talk about it, but then you say no one is going to understand… You see what I’m saying?


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