It is Okay to Fail!

Before we go ahead with it, a little exercise for all of us. There are questions I am putting forth. I have given my answers to it. I expect you to do the same. Answer it honestly, you do not need to tell your answers to anyone. But be true to yourself about them. Okay, … Continue reading It is Okay to Fail!


Suicides aren’t cool!

In recent times, there have been so many and believe me when i say, so many, incidents of suicides. And the quantum of it is more amongst the teenagers and the youth. The age old saying, 'Fall in Love'  has changed. Now, young people fall to their deaths instead of falling in love.  A few … Continue reading Suicides aren’t cool!

Women?! Respect?! Discrimination?! Let’s Talk.

There has been a wave of feminism in the recent past. But this poster rallying and social media uproar about advocating equality for women's right has taken a nasty turn towards feminazism.  Discrimination agaisnt women is still evident in every field. Whether it be school/colleges or workplace or household fronts. Women are dsicriminated in subtle … Continue reading Women?! Respect?! Discrimination?! Let’s Talk.